April 1995, Yixing Yulong Environment Protection Co., Ltd. was established.
January 2000, successfully developed new-type HYL series aerator and put it into mass production.
October 2002, certified by ISO9001: 2000 quality system.
December 2004, new-type HYL series aerator is selected as “provincial new & hi-tech technical product”.
February 2005, start research & development of Yulong active biological filler.
August 2006, new plant was completed.
October 2006, Yulong active biological filler was successfully developed and entered into primary test stage.
March 2007, Yulong active biological filler entered into pilot scale test.
September 2007, Yulong active biological filler passed appraisal of new products organized by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission. 
November 2007, our company was selected as “provincial new & hi-tech enterprise”.
December 2007, “Yulong active biological filler” was selected as “provincial new &hi-tech product”.
August 2008, our company passed the review of three ministries and commissions (Ministry of Finance, Publicity Department and Ministry of Education) and was selected as “new & hi-tech enterprise” again.
October 2008, our company became “intern base for undergraduate students of Environment College in Nanjing University”.
April 2009, company changed its name to be “Jiangsu Yulong Environment Protection Co., Ltd.”
February 2011, cooperated with Changchun institute of applied chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences to found “Research center for active biological filler”.
May 2011, our company achieved class C specialized contractor for environment project.
August 2011, successfully held “Update achievement of A, Class I appraise through discussion for Chengyang Sewage Disposal Plant and technology exchanging meeting”.
March 2012, “bioreactor with high load rate expanded granular bed” a technology innovation fund project responsible for our company passed the examination.

June 2012,the company established “wuxi technology research center for biofilm sewage treatment engineering”.

July 2012, class C specialized contractor for environment project was updated to class B。

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